FDNY "Service" Medallion

Medallion Sizes: Penny Size
Sale price$199.99 USD


Whether it's 5 Years, 10 Years or 20, this Officially Licensed, exquisitely detailed, Sterling Silver Maltese Cross medallion comes in 3 sizes...,"Penny", Nickle" and "Quarter", and is a wonderful, and thoughtful, way to commemorate your or your loved one's time "on the job".

2-4 week turnaround (depending on demand)

Sterling Slilver.

Available in 3 sizes:

Penny Size - $179.99

Nickel Size - $189.99

Quarter Size - $199.99

Prices may change without prior notice due to fluctuations in the cost of silver.


Once you have placed your order we will contact you for the nukber of years you would like commemorated on your medallion.

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