1.75" Tillerman Challenge Coin

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As articulated fire trucks were added to fire departments in cities with taller buildings, they were too big to manage with just one steering wheel. The tillerman controls the rear wheel, and working in sync with the driver through distinctive signals and buzzers, the rear axle can turn more crisply and help bring the long articulated truck, its payload, and its crew to the scene as efficiently as possible.

The obverse of this coin focuses in on the extreme focus of a tillerman at his wheel as viewed from the front of the truck. 

Minted in the USA from special deep-relief coining dies; struck from solid bronze; and hand-finished with an antique patina for exceptional quality and detail, the fire tillerman challenge coin pays homage to the tillermen whose unique skills and unquestioned teamwork make it possible for modern fire trucks to reach fires faster and fight them higher and more efficiently.

Size: 1.75 Inches

Finish: Bronze

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