1.50" FBI Academy Challenge Coin

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Perfect for anyone that has successfully completed or works for the FBI National Academy, this special coin is a special symbol of achievement and pride. Located in Quantico, Virginia, the National Academy has effectively trained law enforcement personnel from around the world since 1935.

The FBI National Academy was created in response to a 1930 study that recommended the standardization and professionalization of the law enforcement departments across the U.S. through centralized training. At the time, any kind of professional development for law enforcement was mostly not available. With strong support from professional groups and the Department of Justice, Congress authorized the “FBI Police Training School.” Courses at that time included scientific aids in crime detection, preparation of reports, criminal investigation techniques, and administration and organization. With the advent of World War II, courses were added in espionage and sabotage.

Minted from solid bronze, and imbued with bold colored enamel on both sides, this medallion is dedicated to the law enforcement professionals who daily protect us from the criminals and miscreants who threaten our very society. The obverse features the logo of the FBI National Academy, complete with an eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch, hovering over a USA flag shield. The reverse displays the elevation of the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA.

Size: 1.50 Inches

Finish: Antique Bronze and Enamel

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