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  • Harold Ramis honored by FDNY with awesome Ghostbusters tribute (Photo)

Harold Ramis honored by FDNY with awesome Ghostbusters tribute (Photo)

by fan sided.com 

The world of comedy and the world of cinema lost an icon on Monday when Harold Ramis died in Chicago from complications he’d been dealing with from his declining health. Fans of Ramis are still mourning his loss, but there aren’t as many tears as there are touching tributes popping up to honor the comedy legend.

While fans dried their eyes passing clips of Ramis around Twitter and Facebook, an FDNY firehouse honored Ramis in perhaps the most epic and awesome way imaginable.

Ramis’ best remembered film was Ghostbusters, a movie he not only starred in by helped write as well. It was truly the most iconic thing he did but it was also the gateway drug to the rest of Ramis’ material. From his early outings like writing Animal House to his peak in fame with Caddyshack, National Lampoon’s Vacation and Stripes to his credit — in some form or another — to even his later years where he made films like Analyze This, Ramis left behind an epic amount of work.

He wasn’t always a name you mentioned on a daily basis, but the tributes we are seeing are proof that Ramis touched us all and will never be forgotten.