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  • FDNY firefighter saves baby from burning Queens house

FDNY firefighter saves baby from burning Queens house

FDNY firefighter saves baby from burning Queens house

An FDNY Lieutenant saved a three-week-old baby boy from the smoky attic of a burning house in Queens Tuesday night, officials said.

Lt. Adam Vilagos pulled the newborn out of his crib in the attic of the two-story house on 106th St. near 35th St. in Corona, moments after a blaze erupted at around 9:30 p.m, the firefighter said.

The baby, identified by family as Sunjay Headley Jr., was placed on an oxygen machine and rushed to New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Fire Department officials say he’s expected to survive.

Lt. Vilagos said he arrived at the scene with nearby Engine 316 under four minutes after the fire broke out.

The child’s parents were outside yelling “there’s a baby in the attic!” he recalled.

The 18-year-vet then ran up to the second floor, where he noticed a narrow stairway leading up to the attic, already filling with black sm

After sprinting up the stairs, Vilagos said he heard the baby boy’s whimpers — as if the infant was struggling to breathe, the firefighter said.

He felt around in the hazy room until he brushed up against the tiny boy’s leg, he told the Daily News.

The room was so smoke-filled that he “had to put my flashlight on him to see him.

The tiny boy was in his crib, the firefighter said.

Vilagos gently scooped him up and then carried the baby boy downstairs and outside, where he handed Sunjay off to EMS workers.

The infant’s grandmother said Sunjay was recovering from smoke inhalation.

He’s doing good. They’re going to keep him overnight for observation,” said Lisa Brown, 56.

She said she thanked the heavens everyone was safe — but as the family fled the intense smoke, they weren’t sure who had picked up little Sunjay.

“We kept asking, 'Where's the baby? Where's the baby?'” she said.

Then she saw a firefighter walking down the street with the baby in his arms.

"They did a heroic job. They came through. Thank God for them,” the grandmother said.

Smokeaters had the blaze under control by 10:30 p.m, officials said.

The cause of the fire is still being investi